Imagine waking up to fresh air every day in a place that you don’t want to leave as everything you need and want is on your doorstep. Picture that place being tucked inside a modern, convivial and vibrant city which has direct access to the sea. The southern city of Mon Trésor offers a pleasant place to live and thrive in a variety of ways.

Restaurants and cafés will welcome you and your friends for that weekly, or even daily catch up, whilst our retail outlet attend to all your desires. From parking to shopping, everything has been planned for and laid out in a cohesive manner to provide optimum efficiency. Grocery shopping will become a pleasure with all the necessities and comforts being perfectly positioned around the corner.

At the forefront of innovation, Mon Trésor Smart City provides an enriched standard of living whilst being dead set on being a model of eco-responsibility and accessibility for all. Every facet has been taken into consideration in order to provide for a pleasant environment through integrating green elements seamlessly into the cityscape whilst minimizing waste.

Not only does this special place to live also possess beautiful long strips of beach ideal for walking and multiple jogging tracks, but a planned Sports Complex will be provided with modern facilities so you can keep your fitness game up or feed the fit beast that sleeps within you!

Last but by not means least, the beach club is on standby ready to welcome you for chilled or cosy drinks, a relaxing day out or perhaps even a pool party. The ideal place for socialising and connecting with people who share those same values, interests and ideas that you hold dear.