Mauritians and foreigners alike talk about the south of the island with the same sparkle in the eye and an awe-inspired smile on the lips.

The irresistible appeal of this region rests not only in its impressive landscape but also in what makes its essence: a beautiful mix of rich history, raw simplicity and everlasting authenticity.

The south coast is a must-do in any Mauritian road trip. Whether you come from the north, south or east of the island, your itinerary must include this scenic route. Of course, you will be in for a treat if you like cliffs or love having a bird’s eye view of the ocean. La Roche qui Pleure will provide a wonderful demonstration of the power of the waves against the rugged rocks; and climbing the stairs of Macondé will reward you with a breathtaking view.

Perhaps you’ll go for a swim in Blue Bay or kitesurf in Pointe d’Esny. After that, you can wash off all the salt and the sand in the cool water of Rochester Falls. In between all the activities, you can stop by the beautiful village of Mahebourg to drink some coconut water or eat at a good seafood place.Then, if you're lucky and depending on the season, you might have the pleasure of watching the regatta (maybe you’ll even place a bet on a colourful sail that caught your eye). You will also find astonishing hiking and cycling spots.

All this beauty is also rooted in a rich history. The infamous battle of Vieux Grand Port is even carved into the Arc de Triomphe for having the credit of being the only Napoleonic battle to have been won over the English in world history. It is also hard not to a feel a sense of wonderment and foreboding when passing by Le Morne Mountain, where the famous story of the slaves wanting to be free unfolded so many years ago.

Let’s not forget that the region has also been at the forefront of innovation and modernity in Mauritius. It is home to the best airport in the Indian Ocean and soon to the Smart City of Mon Trésor, an ambitious project to build a sustainable city that is inspired by the abundant nature surrounding it while staying true to the soul of the south.

We offer a fair warning however: if you linger a while in the villages of the south to eat the food, talk to the people and enjoy the landscape, you might find yourself reluctant to go home. If indeed you fall under its irresistible spell and you think of building a life there, we wouldn’t blame you at all.

After all, the wild south refers, not only to the most untouched parts of the island or even to the rugged and unforgiving cliff sides, but rather to a sense that the culture, the beauty and the goodness of the people have remained authentic and true. And this is precisely what makes it so charming.

Throughout this blog, we will invite you to discover the treasures of this most beloved region and of the rest of the island as well.