If you love adventure, you’re in for a treat. Not far from Eau Bleue and within driving distance of Mon Trésor, La Vallée D’Osterlog Endemic Garden harbours hidden biodiversity treasures in the wild South of Mauritius.

Just after St Hubert and Le Val, a long and rocky road leads up to this secret cove. Word of advice, before entering this lush garden, gear yourselves with sports shoes, sports clothing and loads of mosquito repellent sprays or creams. Visitors step into La Vallée D’Osterlog by crossing under a lush and green canopy greeted by the smiles of the gatekeepers. Just a few steps away, baby tortoises start their life in their park. A picnic area over a magnificent and breathtaking viewpoint is available for the public to use. Moving on, visitors can choose between the biking trail or the hiking trail.

Step through the hiking trail and this is where the wonder begins. Colossal trees stretch up to the skies and seem to block out the sunlight completely in some areas. The rock formations are unlike anything you can see in other nature parks around Mauritius and exude a vibe of some prehistoric times.

On your way, you will encounter the wildlife of the garden, comprising mainly birds and a few harmless insects. There, the air seems lighter, cooler, fresher. The site has a picturesque grandeur to it.

The trail is interspersed with endemic plants that are clearly labelled and are sure to awaken the botanist within you. Rare trees, plants you have never seen before wait to be discovered. The flora is just marvelous…

Wooden stairs have been set up on steep slopes to ease up the ascension and look like a set up from Indiana Jones. The hiking trail leads up to Cascade Tortue (The Tortoise Waterfall), named like this because of a huge rock below the waterfall that looks like a giant tortoise shell. Depending on times of the year and the rainfall within the area, the waterfall can harbour a thin and timid veil or a torrent of water gushing down.

La Vallée D’Osterlog will leave you refreshed and revigorated with its fresh air and unique sightings and experiences. Be sure to mark visiting this amazing spot on your wanderlust to-do list.

There is a symbolic entry fee of Rs 50 for residents and Rs 100 for nonresidents that go towards the preservation of the garden.