Omnicane, the Group behind the realization of Mon Trésor Smart City, organized a half-day of green activities on the 7th June 2019 as part of World Environment Day. Around twenty students from the Mahebourg Espoir Education Centre, made up of youngsters living in the region of Camp Carol and Plaine Magnien, were invited to take part in the occasion.

Under the supervision of Omnicane employees, they planted more than 100 endemic plants in a trench alongside the new airport access road.

Road safety instructions were given beforehand while caps, vests and gloves were also distributed to all participants. Employees collected waste placing it into different garbage bags to facilitate sorting along the same road. Mr. Clifford Mayer, G.O.S.K., demonstrated the correct way to plant a tree to all taking part. By lunchtime, under the supervision of the staff and teachers, students along with other people of the locality, planted about 100 endemic plants.

Mr. Benny Henry, Head of the South-East Islets Program at the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), gave a presentation on the different species of endangered flora and fauna found in the region such as the Pink Pigeon, the Mauritius Fody, to name a few. The aim was to sensitize and educate the participants regarding the various measures that need to be taken in order to protect endemic species and the environment.

Ending the day on a beautifully green note, endemic trees were distributed to all those who gave their time and energy for this Omnicane / Mauritius Wildlife Foundation collaboration.

While thanking all those who were present at the event, Jacques M. d'Unienville, CEO of Omnicane, underlined the importance that the Group attaches to environmental protection and nature conservation: « All the efforts undertaken today ensure the protection of the environment for future generations. »