Are you looking for a piece of paradise to live in? Because it's a magical place where everything is perfect? Because the weather is always nice? And because everything is exotic blue and fairy green? Welcome to Mauritius! But welcome also to a tropical climate where grey clouds do appear in the blue sky. Adapting to it may not be as obvious as it seems. A short guide to getting used to paradise...

In Mauritius there are only two seasons: a hot and humid summer from November to April and a cooler but dry winter from May to October. During the summer season, the temperature exceeds 30°C while in winter the thermometre can go down to 15°C, especially in the central part of the country. Nevertheless, depending on the region where you live, the climate can significantly change. It's the micro-climate. You leave the coast where it is hot and a few kilometers further to the central plateau (especially in winter) it is suddenly cooler and it starts to rain.

Summer: energy multiplied
This kind of climate can be confusing but... this is life in paradise! People who don’t like hot temperatures will be most bothered for about three months during the year (December to February) when the thermometre regularly exceeds 32°C on the coast (especially the north and the west) and Port Louis. But, further inland, the temperature will go down to 26°C. So you must choose between getting a sunburn on the beach (don’t forget to protect your skin with a sunscreen) or staying indoors and turning on the air conditioner. This will, by the way, raise your electricity bill.

However, by preferring to see the glass half full, you will find that summer is an ideal period to go swimming in the turquoise sea or the pool in your garden while sipping a tropical cocktail or a drink 'on the rocks'. If you love nature, then this is the place for you! You will love to go hiking in the forest. Mild temperatures, shady areas, endemic plants to discover, lots of flowers and fruits, and the panorama is simply breathtaking! If, on the other hand, you only see the glass half empty, you will not appreciate the mosquitoes!

Winter: it’s not the North Pole!
The bright side of this tropical climate is that you get a lot of sunlight and this plays a positive role on your mood. The colours are bright and your energy seems multiplied. And, in the early evening, no wool or anorak is needed to go to dinner or have fun with friends or family. A cotton or linen outfit will be enough to have a good time in the restaurants, bars and pubs playing trendy music. You are definitely in a great mood!

As for winter in Mauritius, you have to keep things in perspective. If it is cooler and the days are shorter (sunrise around 6:45 and sunset around 17:40) it’s not the North Pole! The climate is still very pleasant even if it is more windy (the north and west are however less exposed to the wind), which is ideal for kitesurfing enthusiasts! Forget the warm beanies, mufflers, gloves and heaters! A jumper in the evening will be enough to warm you up if you go out, especially in June and July. On the other hand, you will better appreciate the local cuisine with its ‘faratas’, ‘dholl-purris’ or hot ‘halims’!

In fact, the peculiarity of the seasons in Mauritius is that you can be caught offguard by the sudden change in temperature and climate in just a few kilometres. Summer and winter alike. But, is it not said that paradise must be earned?