Everything you need is close by

At Mon Trésor, you can hop to the gym or even go to the beach right after your groceries shopping — all the amenities and activities are in close proximity.

Downtown Centre

Head downtown for some vibrant city-life excitement! From intimate restaurants to laughter-filled bars and cosy coffee shops, without forgetting some last-minute gift shopping in its many boutiques, the Downtown Centre is the perfect place to share a good time and shop around in a leisurely manner. With its lively and convivial ambience, it is a favourite among both residents and visitors for some quality time with family and friends.

High Street

Teeming with life, the high street buzzes with conversation and echoes with laughter. Regrouping all your convenience stores, it is your everyday go-to place for everything, from grabbing your bread in the morning to buying some last-minute veggies for dinner; from having a relaxing coffee break to getting a new haircut on a whim. The High Street is your rendezvous for any day-to-day needs.

Sports Complex

At Mon Trésor, live an active and healthy lifestyle. Our fully equipped Sports Complex comprises a spacious gym, a swimming pool, tennis courts and volleyball grounds. A wellness section is also planned — it will provide treatment rooms for sports, energizing or relaxing massages.
So, are you ready to step up your fitness game and release any tensions of the day? Sprint to our Sports Complex!

Beach Club

With a breath-taking sea view, the Beach Club is the perfect place to chill. Great food and drinks, amazing people, an inviting pool and the crashing waves in the background: what could be better than this? Just relax and enjoy the moment.

Cycling Tracks

Mon Trésor healthy town proposition is strengthened with cycling as an active transportation option and an integral part of the daily life of its residents. The Cycling Tracks are scenic and lively places that make people feel comfortable and provide them with enjoyable opportunities to connect with other residents and visitors. Park your car, feel the breeze embrace you and smile at the chirping birds as you cycle safely around the coastal town.

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