A cohesive array of facilities and services

The thriving community at Mon Trésor will benefit from well-planned facilities and services in close proximity. Comprehensive and cohesive, they are meant to enhance the quality of life of all residents.


Although Mon Trésor is a safe coastal town, professional and experienced security service providers have been appointed to guarantee extra peace of mind to the community. Mon Trésor security services include a discreet central video surveillance system covering all common and public areas as well as unobtrusive patrol teams habilitated for intervention in case of need. Should owners wish to enhance the security level of their properties, they can contract out Mon Trésor approved security services providers.


Planned to cater to the needs of all ages, the priority phase of the education facilities will be to provide a day-care centre and kindergarten to the youngest. Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions as well as vocational and professional training will be progressively integrated. Why waste time travelling to school when you can enjoy a place of learning close to home?


Mon Trésor will offer its residents a coordinated and integrated form of care provision the closest possible to their place of living. Mon Trésor healthcare facilities will bring together world-class infrastructure, hi-tech equipment, expert and experienced practitioners, qualified, trained and caring professionals for the effective management, organisation and provision of diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation and health-promotion services.

Retirement village

A comprehensive, cohesive, affordable and connected retirement village will be also be developed to bring a tailored answer to the special needs of senior citizens and those of their families. The objective is to offer a maximum of smart, independent living units; amenities for collective dining; and recreational and social activities. Services would, ideally, include the provision of individual meals, supportive assistance, transportation, personal care, health-related care, nursing-home care and adapted physical exercise programmes.

Roads and Infrastructure

Committed to sustainability, Mon Trésor depicts an integrated and eco-friendly approach to its infrastructure. Working from existing natural corridors, an internal network of green infrastructure has been designed to merge smoothly with the man-made network to preserve the natural heritage of the site. From the entrance, through the main activity areas to the beachfront, Mon Trésor provides a full spectrum of interconnected roads and streets — spacious roads, bicycle paths, pedestrian boulevards — to cater for public and private movement of goods and people. The multimodal and people-friendly transportation network guarantees an enjoyable and safe mobility in and around Mon Trésor. Such a framework encourages walking and cycling in the vicinity hence, promoting a healthy lifestyle and enhancing social interactions. Public transport along the main entrance will also ensure connections to neighbouring regions.

Airport access

Acclaimed as the best airport in the Indian Ocean, the upgraded international airport of Mauritius is bound for further expansions in a near future. This will confirm its status as an international and regional aviation hub having the capacity to serve passenger and supply-chain requirements with a high efficiency rate. A direct road takes one in no time from Mon Trésor to the international airport, offering ease of access for both private needs and professional purposes.

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