Close to nature

Unwind surrounded by authentic nature

At Mon Trésor, nature blends seamlessly into the vibrant city life. Every morning, awaken to the songs of chirping birds, rustling leaves and crashing waves. For your daily exercise, enjoy a relaxing walk among centuries-old trees or head to the wild and authentic beach for a jog. In short, live in nature and close to the beach in the south of Mauritius.

Royal Palm Forest

Marvel at the natural wealth of the Royal Palm Forest and its majestic palm trees towering at over 60 metres. As if entering an enchanting tropical jungle, the only thing you can hear is the soft rustling of leaves and a chorus of joyous birds. As the sea of lush foliage surrounds you, the air cannot get any purer than this. The perfect place to jog before tackling the day.

Mare aux Songes

An indigenous forest with a rich natural and historical heritage, Mare aux Songes is a wetland that lies within the property of Mon Trésor and is home to the latest discoveries on Mauritius’ iconic dodo. It is in the sedimentary deposits of Mare aux Songes that the international Dodo Research Programme has been excavating dodo fossils exhibiting exceptional preservation, as well as fossils of turtles belonging to the extinct Cylindraspis genus. These findings were made public in December 2005 in the Naturalis museum in Leiden. Today, numerous museums worldwide have significant holdings of dodo material, almost all of which were found in Mare aux Songes.

Central Park

Here, one can sit on a bench to take a true breath of fresh air, refresh and replenish. It is a safe play space for children close to home and where they can immerse in an all-natural and healthy atmosphere. The Central Park is easily accessible by way of the town’s interconnected cycling and pedestrian network which constitutes its network of green arteries.

Mon Trésor Central Park also serves ecological functions in line with the town’s fundamental values. It is, as such, much more than just a conventional green space – Mon Trésor Central Park enhances quality of air and water to sustain a healthy ecosystem, improve bio-diversity and the overall wellbeing of its residents and visitors.


Who wouldn’t love to just head to the beach and unwind after a long day? At Mon Trésor, you just might. With a direct access to a breath-taking authentic and wild beach, where dawn sheds its first light, it definitely is a favourite spot to relax. This is the place to make a sea lover of anyone; the place where one is irresistibly drawn to immerse oneself into the unique sense of the infinite that the sea, as nothing else, conjures up, leaving everyone who comes close in awe.

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