Since 2016, Mauritius has known a boom for mud runs. Each year since, expect to see swarms of excited adults dressed in a colourful assortment of costumes heading towards the south of the island, to the lands of Mon Trésor.

This onslaught of enthusiasm from Mauritians wanting to get muddy while jumping over obstacles started with Tropica’dingue. The famous mud run from our sister island: Réunion.

Why Mon Trésor?
The site of Mon Trésor Smart City used to be a large sugar estate and is now underway to become the first smart city in Mauritius. While construction has started in other areas of the site, the most historic areas are open once a year for La Tropica’Dingue.

Not to spoil any future runners, but here’s why doing this run at Mon Trésor is a unique experience.

Just picture yourself climbing a mountain of haystacks near the very solemn looking sugar mill building and getting a rush of adrenaline right before having to plunge into the cool waters of an old basin. Of course, that’s just the beginning! You’ll also get to trek on a barrier of giant rocks before walking on the wet sands of La Cambuse beach.

When the hardest part is done, the coolness and beauty of the protected forest Christiane Vallet await you. Needless to say, the sugar cane fields will also be part of the fun during this amazing experience.

Mon Trésor provides therefore an immersive environment to challenge your limits and have a blast while doing it!

Countless obstacles later and after passing through the sugar fields, you’ll finally get to finish your race with a glorious ‘splash’! You’ll be a little muddier and very tired but incredibly satisfied. We’ll say no more and let you experience La Tropica’dingue at Mon Trésor. This year the race will be on the 13th of May 2018. 2000 people are expected to participate and 700 have already registered! So, build up your team and register now!


• Tread carefully on the barrier of rocks, try and follow the wet footsteps of those who successfully got to the other side.

• Do not be fooled by the cute little beach, the wet sands will make it harder to walk after all the effort your muscles have been through, especially if you are wet. So, as tempting as it seems, taking a dip in the clear water might not be such a great idea. You’ll be heavier and the salt on your skin will not help once you’re in the sun.

• Recharge while in the forest, you won’t get so much shade once in the fields.

• Raw sugar cane is a great energy booster so don’t hesitate to break one in half and eat this sweet gift of nature (plus, it’ll make the Mauritian experience complete). Just look for the stems that have turned purplish, they are ready.

Have fun and take your time at each obstacle. Do not force it!

Bring sunscreen!