The south of the island is widely known for its choppy cliffs with rugged waves crashing against them. This is mainly due to the Southeast Trade Winds that sculpted the outline of the wildest Mauritian coasts.

Those winds created the right conditions to make this region a haven for surfers and sea lovers alike. For novices, pros or simply those willing to have a good time, here are some of the beautiful spots you might find in the south.

Pointe D’Esny

Ponte D’Esny is one of the closest beaches to the village of Mahebourg but is only accessible from a narrow pathway that stems from the coastal road. Its beauty is shielded from the masses due to its challenging accessibility. The effort, however, is well worth it for those who want to explore! You will be rewarded with a crystal clear lagoon which is one of the biggest on the island with its stretch of fine white sand. It’s no wonder this beach is a favourite when it comes to Kite Surfing in Mauritius. This grand spot is made even more beautiful and a little bit eerie by the presence of a boat wreck not far from the coral reefs.

The best time to make the most of this beautiful spot is between July and October.

And if you choose to set down your gear and swim a while, you may find yourself in the company of some rather accommodating starfish…

Le Morne

Renowned for its history and its one of a kind “underwater waterfall”, the images of Le Morne have always been used to portray the beauty of the Mauritian beaches worldwide. As one of the most famous surfing lagoons in Mauritius, Le Morne offers an exquisite stretch of beach that is guarded by the most famous mountain of the island.

It is a good spot for Kite surfers and surf novices as the west side of the peninsula offers ideal conditions for training and kiting. It is also home to a spot that is legendary for its waves and its name: one eye. It is named that way because when the surfer catches a perfect wave in that region, he gets a glimpse of a hole in the rocky formations around le Morne, which is “the eye”.

Le Morne also offers the chance to get guidance or training at a surf school and is a great public beach for the whole family to enjoy.

In between

You can enjoy all that the south side has to offer in spite of not being a surfer.

The Blue Bay Marine Park swarms with all kinds of marine life that you can explore in many ways: snorkelling, diving, glass bottom boats…

And while you’re there, you can pop at the Mahebourg waterfront not far away, and if you’re lucky, you may arrive just in time to witness the ballet of the colourful sails as the monthly regatta unfolds.