Trade Port & Freeport Park

Set up your freeport activity next to the airport in Mauritius

Welcome to Mon Trésor’s 24 hectares of effective and cost-efficient freeport facilities. Ideally located only some 500 m away from the airport cargo zone, the Freeport Park is one of the only freeports boasting this key asset in the region.

In addition to its strategic location, Mon Trésor Business Gateway comes with the bonus of a telecommunications cable providing unparalleled high-speed internet. These assets make our Freeport Park the perfect logistics and distribution platform for companies operating in the transformation and trade of light, high-value and time-sensitive products. Its closeness to the airport provides convenience for collecting, storage, break-bulk, packing, processing and forwarding of goods. Mini units and warehouse spaces will also be available.

Ideally suited for companies operating in the following activities:

  • Logistics
  • Freight forwarding
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical and bio
  • Light industrial
  • Jewellery / precious stones processing
  • Electronic
  • Vaulting
  • Warehousing and storage

Starting a business in Mon Trésor Freeport Park can unfold along three different scenarios:

Scenario 1
Omnicane and Investor go into joint venture and incorporate a freeport company to act as third-party freeport developer, i.e. to build, develop and manage infrastructures - to be rented to freeport operators.
Scenario 2
Omnicane leases a portion of land to Investor who then applies for a private developer certificate, i.e. to build, develop and manage their own infrastructures - to be used exclusively for their own freeport activities.
Scenario 3
Omnicane is the sole third-party freeport developer and Investor applies for a freeport operator certificate to operate in the zone.

Incentives to Freeport Operators

  • Efficient customs clearing process
  • Duty and VAT exemptions for goods and equipment imported into the Freeport zone
  • 3% corporate tax
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Free repatriation of profits
  • Reduced port handling charges

Mon Trésor, the facilitator

To facilitate the setting-up of companies in the Freeport Park, Mon Trésor provides extensive assistance and support on required administrative formalities and respective tasks. This includes:

  • Application and submission of necessary documents
  • Follow-up for permit allocation
  • Coordination with third-party developers for any warehousing, logistics or freight forwarding services