Whether you’ve seen it in documentaries or saw pictures of its now famous underwater waterfall, you must already have grasped that Mauritius is an awesome place. The pictures of its pristine beaches and luxurious resorts surely calls for a visit; and it's also very much known that once you have fallen in love with Mauritius, you would want to stay. So, here are 5 good reasons why you should move to Mauritius.

1. The Sheer beauty of it

Mauritius is a small island off the east coast of Africa and has been called the star and key of the Indian Ocean and it is not hard to see why. The beaches surrounding the island seem to come straight from a postcard with its white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoon and warm waters. As you go inland, you are sure to find abundant greenery almost everywhere, even in cities. However, as you go to more rural and untouched areas like the south of the island, the vegetation becomes denser and you will be gifted with beautiful nature parks, valleys and forests.

2. The Climate

Mauritians do not know four very distinct seasons but rather they experience quite moderate temperatures all year long with summer being between October and April and a tropical “winter” being the rest of the year. This is especially good news for all lovers of the sea who want to enjoy a swim at all times.

3. The culture

Falling in love with Mauritius is easy when you experience its culture! For the beauty of the island also resides in the incredible diversity of its people which in turn creates a very rich culture. The melting pot of cultures seeps into every aspect of the place; the food, the relationship to the people, the work culture, the art… It makes living here an everlasting adventure, waiting to be experienced. Sharing a few beers while a barbecue is ongoing on the beach, sitting down to have friendly conversations with a stranger, having Chinese, Indian, European and Creole food simultaneously on the dinner table might all become a regular part of your life as you embrace the culture.

4. The expat-friendly policies

Moving to another country is sometimes such a hassle and could be quite discouraging. Mauritius, on the other hand, opens its doors to the world and makes it easy to work, live and build a family here. A visa is not required from most countries and you can apply for permanent residency after only 3 years of living here. Work opportunities are immense for skilled expats and entrepreneurs. As for taxation, it stands at 15% for both income and corporate tax. All of this makes for a very attractive country to build a future.

5. Living where others go for vacation

Asides from the obvious appeal of living on an island where the beach is never too far away, being able to call your home what others call a holiday destination is utterly satisfying. As you settle in the island life and move with the rhythm of Mauritius, you might realise that this tiny island never loses its charm… So, ready to pack your bags yet?

Looking to call Mauritius your home? Take a look at the interesting concept of Mon Trésor Smart City, found in the south of the island.