As the world resolutely moves towards a greater awakening concerning the environment and the need for more sustainability, Smart Cities have started to emerge. This term might seem outlandish but the concept of a smart city is amazingly easy to grasp. Smart cities are simply urban areas that are planned or modified in such a way so as to make the residents’ lives easier while also caring about the environment. Sounds like a dreamy futuristic world? Well, today more than ever, smart cities are a reality and will become a necessity. Therefore, here are 5 reasons why you should live in one.

1. To live a sustainable life

Smart cities are not only designed with greater green spaces than regular cities for you to enjoy, they are also designed to be in harmony with nature. Smart cities must respect certain practices in the infrastructure and the planning of the city. Mon Trésor Smart City, for instance, is assessed and monitored by BREEAM - the world’s leading design method and acknowledged international assessment code for a “Sustainable Built Environment”. If you live and work in such a city, all your life will be anchored in the principle of sustainable living. Plus, you’d get to make the most of a royal palms forest or a vast stretch of white sand beach whilst still being close to your home.

2. Being connected

Smart Cities are planned in such a way to be, indeed, smart! This new mode of urbanism aims at making the residents lives easier and diminish if not abolish everything that would make someone hate city life : pollution, traffic, safety issues, lack of green spaces… Those problems mean that most people have to commute from the outskirts of a busy city to work, shop, go to school, do sports. A smart city planning enables you to have a work place and a home close enough to be from a pleasant walking distance of each other. A smart city is also open to the world and ever-growing new technologies, for example, Mon Trésor is cradled in abundant nature but is also just a few kilometres away from the airport. This duality means that everything is interconnected in the respect of nature so as to make life as balanced and enjoyable as possible.

3. Much. Less. Traffic

Traffic is the bane of all commuters and city residents. It creates unnecessary stress and reduces the safety of the streets. In a smart city, the infrastructure will encourage soft mobility: that is any means of transportation that doesn’t make use of a motorised vehicle. For that purpose, pedestrian paths and cycling tracks are an important part of the city. The result is a more sustainable, safer, more balanced city life.

4. More Green spaces!

Sustainable cities will usually include extensive green spaces in leisure spaces as well as in homes or office buildings and even on roads. These are meant to contribute to the sense of wellbeing that regular cities sometimes lack. Mon Trésor is a great example of this, with its central park, beach, protected forest and paths.

5. Life just gets easier

With everything close at reach and placed in a great environment, life does get more pleasant. Then, there is also the questions of administrative procedures which also tend to get easier. Smart cities like Mon Trésor also have perks like a free electric car as well as preferential rates on Avalon Golf Estate’s membership fee offered to the owners of the first 100 residences bought.

Ready to move in a smart city yet ?