Mon Trésor : A redesigned future!


Omnicane, born of the centuries-old Mauritius sugar industry, is now a leading modern group. A public company listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, its primary activities comprise sugarcane cultivation; production of refined sugar, bioethanol, thermal energy, electricity to one third of the local consumption, and recently production of Hydroalcoholic solutions. Over the years, Omnicane has diversified its operations into real estate developments; Commercial developments in the South, Morcellement projects across the Island, and the hospitality sector through the Holiday Inn Hotel.


The Business Hub comprises an Office Park, a Commercial Park, and a Business Hotel, all offering an unequalled accessibility to major highways and neighboring amenities.


Omnicane has over the years, developed several real estate projects across the Island:

There are also properties available for sale in the former residential area of Britannia.

We offer a range of land and business investment opportunities in the Southern region, as well as other benchmark development sites across the island.


Why Mauritius ?

A sun-drenched island, Mauritius boasts a coastline of almost continuous sand, beaches and lagoons against a backdrop of mountains and greenery. Ideally located and easily accessible, it is at the crossroads between Africa, Asia and Australia. Despite few natural resources, Mauritius is one of the most successful economies in Africa, boasting its highest GDP per capita.