Mon Trésor : A redesigned future!

Welcome to Mon Trésor Smart City

Dive into a smart coastal town, where nature and sea reign, unharmed. A smart city in the south of Mauritius, Mon Trésor reconciles eco-responsibility and contemporary urbanism. Its initial phase offers residential properties, parks, a commercial centre, a sports complex, a beach house and a business park. Holistically designed to balance private, professional and social life, it holds the promise of an easy-going and fulfilling life at the heart of a vibrant urban city.



Everything you need is just around the corner, no need to rush. Whether you want to do some shopping, escape in nature or enjoy the facilities, it’s all here. Just embrace life at Mon Trésor.

Business Gateway

The Business Gateway, the commercial development of Mon Trésor, is designed to complement modern business aspirations and needs. It comprises an Office Park, a Trade Port & Freeport Park and a Commercial Park.

Live & Invest

Why Mauritius ?

A sun-drenched island, Mauritius boasts a coastline of almost continuous sand, beaches and lagoons against a backdrop of mountains and greenery. Ideally located and easily accessible, it is at the crossroads between Africa, Asia and Australia. Despite few natural resources, Mauritius is one of the most successful economies in Africa, boasting its highest GDP per capita.